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Supply of Rough-Faced Stone
We select and supply rough-faced stone of the chosen type of marble and deliver in Italy and worldwide.
Contract Projects
The company handles specific projects on a contract basis, performing surveys on site and handling the entire installation, as well as all other project phases.
Special Cuts
To order, the Company produces special cuts and non-standard pieces for contract projects, and is able to produce one-off corner stones without any gluing.
Dealer Samples
Cittadini Marmi supports its dealers with a complete set of samples of the materials used.
Business Partnerships
The Company works as part of a team with highly skilled professionals including Architects, Interior Designers and Installers.
Feasibilty and Quotes
Cittadini Marmi is able to provide technical and financial quotes with short response times and consulting on the use of materials.
Selection and Quality Control
The Company aims to guarantee its customers absolute quality by applying strict marble selection criteria.



Perhaps surprisingly, rough-faced stone is a very popular interior design feature: decorating a wall with rough-faced stone gives personality to the interior and makes a major contribution to the overall design scheme.


Covering fireplaces with rough-faced stone is a very attractive option which brings a distinctive elegance and style to the room. Anyone entering a room with a fireplace finished with rough-faced stone immediately perceives a feeling of welcome and warmth: a unique sensation of wellbeing

Bathrooms and Shower Enclosures 

Transform your bathroom into a particularly intimate, relaxing location like a spa: rough-faced stone coverings are ideal for both rustic styles and minimalist, contemporary design schemes.



Cittadini Marmi specialises in external facades, drawing on the great experience acquired through the strong demand in this area. The cladding provides a good level of insulation as well as adding design and style.


Outdoor personalisations do not stop with the installation of rough-faced stone on facades: homes can be given an added touch of individuality by using marble as an outdoor decoration feature, for pillars, arches, terraces and boundary walls. A unique, timeless style.


Rough-faced stone is so versatile that over the years it has found a fresh application in the field of funerary art: it is very popular as an external cladding for tombs, plinths, capitals and grave decorations.