Craftsmen with a tradition in rough-faced marble working



Cittadini Marmi is a business with consolidated experience and prestige which specialises in rough-facing the finest Italian marbles.

The company is based at the major marble quarrying centre of Rezzato, near Brescia, meaning that it operates close to the quarries, giving important benefits in terms of procurement of the choice raw material: the Botticino marble quarry is just 7 km from its processing facility. Cittadini Marmi has been the partner of choice of Italian and foreign customers and business for more than 40 years, also enjoying a dominant position on the export markets. The company handles specific projects on a contract basis, including construction surveys and installation: our team is at the customer’s service to suggest the best solutions.

Your guarente of satisfaction

Its more than 40 years’ experience has made the company a reliable partner and a connoisseur of the qualities of Italian marbles

Many Years’ Experience
All-Inclusive Service

The Company offers an all-inclusive service: from design by way of construction surveys, concluding with installation.


The marbles processed are exclusively of Italian origin, for higher quality in terms of both looks and substance

Italian Quality
Speed and Punctuality

Vicinity to the quarries allows fast, efficient management of projects and processes: guaranteed delivery times.


Hand workmanship allows special cuts to be produced to meet the needs of the most demanding clientele

Hand Workmanship
International Character

The choice quality and beauty of Italian marbles are internationally famous: Cittadini Marmi has been serving countries in Europe and beyond for years.

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